K STONE UK Music Producer
K STONE UK Music Producer


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 K STONE is a UK music producer.
From 2016 he became a blogger writing insights
and predictions that have come true.

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K STONE'S first major impact got the attention of former Dru Hill member
Woody Rock with his track "He Sold His Soul to the Devil"
(You can hear that track on the "I Saw Satan" EP).

K STONE:"I was contacted by Woody Rock who loved that track.
It was good to get recognition from a multi-platinum selling R&B
group member. He was in the industry and saw how it was run,
so I appreciated the confirmation to my single."

In 2016 K STONE promoted his new EP
"Fix Society" by releasing a video
for one of his tracks called "Love Yourself."

"We cannot complain about society
and do nothing about it because we are all part of society.
When we get on track with our own lives first we have fixed part of society.
Then we can affect others."

Click video to find out more.

To download the "Fix Society" EP CLICK HERE

New Sports Track
Featuring The Mecca
Produced by K STONE
Take The Shot


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Read what the listeners have said:

The best UK rapper I've heard… Much respect to your originality and being genuine. It's hard to find rappers that talk about different subjects than popping someone off and whatnot. lol. Keep making music
Femmina: USA

original tracks man and the accent works with it… best luck 2 you.
NickLess- Writer for 
WWS Magazine: CA USA

I wish you so much peace, joy and respect. I like what you're doing. You have your own style. Keep making it happen. 
MelSoulTree:  NY, USA

I like the hook & the message is unique & strong -"Love Yourself"

My Babys Here With Me is tight 2 def!! I like it alot!!
Auren B: USA

I listened to
"My Baby's Here With Me" and I love the beat. You know the flute is a hot touch!! Your music is very creative, original, and unlike most, you have a lot of meaningful, substantial things to say!! God Bless.
L Thompson: USA

Spinning your new song
aby's Here With Me", atmospheric music and intimate lyrics, a distinctive sound as always - nice work!
Laura: UK

'My baby's here with me'. Very cool indeed. Different to the style I write of course but I love to listen to different genres and you definitely have talent. Nice one.
Erin Simms: UK

I checked out your music and really like "My Baby's Here With Me". That is definitely a hit.
S Stephney: Dolton USA

 I really like your song "My Baby's Here with Me". It's so calming with your voice and the beat. A nice mesh. It's different but good! Keep it up!

Jamila: Hamilton CANADA

Likin "My Babys Here Wid Me" very very different man, thats why im likin it....keep makin that different sound for us all to listen to



Based in the United Kingdom K STONE began writing lyrics for a number of years before he could make a beat. Later on he began to produce music without knowing any notes and had no training. From the melodies and arrangements he could hear within him he transformed what he felt to his music equipment. Not being able to find anyone to sing his songs, he soon realised he had to record his voice himself. This unexpected approach paid off well.

About influences K STONE says "I like hearing music from Soul, R&B, Jazz, Old School Hip Hop, Country, Gospel, Old School Jungle, Drum and Bass, Rock, Classical, Reggae, Dance, UK Garage, Native American, Hindi and just about anything that catches my attention that I find interesting. I love hearing artists sing their hearts out too. My music taste varies depending on my mood at that moment, that's why you will hear me make a calm track like "
I Love You Zone" and then a fast paced soul filled Drum and Bass composition like "Underground Love."

"I got involved with music because a song can change a person's life. One song can lift someone's spirit or make them feel relaxed, special or loved.
There is much more music to come!"

From this moment onwards you have the opportunity to inhale and feel real music from a new composer.


Music lovers know what they want to hear.

never be like no one else, stay u man, we love it over here and no matter what, we will never forget the name k stone, for real man, u 1 of a kind
Lystic and Juan G: NJ, USA

I heard ur stuff... & I gotta say UK all da way! Big up 4real Keep those hot hot tracks coming I'm following ur work!
Samie D: Salwa, Kuwait

Enjoying “It’s Us It’s Me It’s You”, another catchy hook and hot dub bassline!
Laura B: London, UK

"Money Can Buy Love" is dope... Great beat and intelligent, meaningful lyrics. Wanna hear more joints...


Underground Love is FIRE homey!!!!!!!
BD: Africa

TruLala: Keansburg, NJ, USA

What creative, real, and neccesary music... Your music for example sets a seed in the mind of listeners, especially female ones, that they are respected and can do anything, with faith.

music should be an expression of yourself and i think you speak exactly the way you really feel, which is uncommon in today's world. you are good in my book k-stone, much respect to K-STONE
Sioux Falls SD, USA

yo man im rly feeling ur stuff its original and it has a good vibe to it! Im glad ur reppin UK cause we need some decent representation like u. Peace.
The Merchants: London UNITED KINGDOM

understand me gets a hot vote, you are talented man
XL - the Original: Randall, IA, USA

lets go away had more of a rock vibe then a RnB vibe reminded me kinda of the Gorillas but it was hot i like that kind of things tho, it was kind hot seem like it was a poem to a hot guitar and crazy beat. overall this was one hot song fam liked the words and the chorus was banging I started repeating LETS GO AWAY LETS GO AWAY... overall the Song was hot.
Fiya Crew: GA USA

I LOVE THE´╗┐ PIANO! [He Sold His Soul To The Devil REMIX]
DisfiguredCowboy: USA 


Understand me -original mix is your best track in my opinion. Nice catchy beat and dope lyrics and voice man.

hey...where are u from? i heard a lil accent in there...it was cute... have you heard of the streets? thats who u remind me of... i like ur songs keep it up
notorious nise: Tampa Florida USA

sold his soul 2 the devil is hot man
Nianderthol: Cheshire, United Kingdom

The production and vocals on your new beats have been upgraded indeed, especially Money Can Buy love
BustaDyme: Angola

u def got an interesting style... gotta love that UK flav... keep doin yo thing cuz u def got something goin on here. peace
Poverty PRODUCTIONS: Canada

The more i listen to your stuff the more i'm feeling it. very original.
Grim Blaze:
United Kingdom

"Understand Me" is A HIT!




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